Apollo, Miletos, Priene

The Temple of Apollo at Didyma was preeminently famous as an oracle site, Miletus has a very good theatre, is quite large but complicated to understand, Priene sits on the flank of a hill overlooking the Menderes Plain



If visiting ancient ruins while on your Türkiye holiday is on your list of ‘must do things,’ then this tour in Türkiye should be at the top, and one good thing to know is they are close to Didim!  Priene was an ancient port city; however, it is at the foot of Mount Mykale and 16 km from the sea. There are many works of art and architecture from the ancient Greek period. Alexander the Great lived in this city for a while. The ancient theatre in Priene is one of the most beautiful examples of the ancient Greek period. The Temple of Athena Polias was built by Alexander the Great as a gift to the city. 


After the trip to Priene, we move to the ancient city of Miletus, which was once one of the largest cities in Anatolia. Miletus was a very rich city because it was located on trade routes and had many colonies. The ancient city of Miletus was famous for its philosophers and architects. Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Hippodamus and Isidore are a few examples. Miletus is also famous for Faustina Baths. 


The ancient city of Apollo is not a city, but a temple dedicated to Apollo. It is one of the largest temples of the ancient Greek period. It is connected to Miletus by a 19 km sacred road. 


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Tour Day: **Everyday 


Tour programme of Apollon, Miletos, Priene from Didim 


Meet with your guide and drive to Didyma, Apollon Temple, and then enter inside Didyma Apollo Temple. This was not a city, but a temple dedicated to Apollon. It was once one of the biggest temples in the Hellenic World. It was connected to Miletos with a holy road of 19km. After Apollo Temple you will depart for Miletos.  


Visit the ancient city of Miletus which once was one of the biggest cities in Anatolia. It was located on the trade routes, and it was for this reason that it became very prosperous and had many colonies. Miletos is famous for its genius philosophers and architects, such as Thales, Anaksimandros, Anaksimenes, Hippodamos and Isidoros. Miletos is also famous for the Faustina Baths. After Miletus, then visit Priene. Priene was once a harbour city but is now located 16 km inland from the sea on the hills of the Mykale Mountain. It has many examples of Hellenic art and architecture. Alexander The Great lived in this city for a time. The theatre in Priene is one of the most beautiful ones from The Hellenic World. The Athena Polias Temple was reconstructed by Alexander the Great as a gift to the city. After a visit to Priene, we transfer back to Didim. 


Tour Itinerary of Apollon, Miletos, Priene from Didim. 

** Departure from Didim-Akbük. 

** Arriving Priene. 

** Visiting the ancient city of Priene. 

**Arriving Miletos. 

** Visiting the ancient city of Miletos. 

** Lunch. 

** Arriving Didyma. 

** Visiting the temple of Apollo. 

** Return to Didim-Akbük (extra 7 pound per person from Akbük hotels and area) 


What is Included 


**Professional guiding. 

**Entrance fees. 




What To Bring. 

**Comfortable clothes and shoes. 

**Sunscreen, Sunglasses. 

**Any prescribed medication. 




What is Extra 



Contact Avesta travel agency to arrange a suitable day for you and your family/group to experience this highly recommended Apollon, Miletos & Priene Tour from Didim while you are on your Türkiye holiday 2024. 

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  • Tour Days: Every Day
  • Tour Time: 3 hours private
  • Type of Transport: Air-conditioned minibus
  • Tours Available From:: may to october
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