Mavişehir Night Market

Mavişehir near Altinkum, Didim, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, is known for it's night market and vibrant sunsets. Take a browse around the many stalls where you can haggle and pick up some amazing bargains.


If you have taken holidays in Didim, Türkiye before you may have already visited some of the lovely markets (known here as Pazar or Bazar) dotted about in Didim and enjoyed haggling to get a great bargain on a handbag, jewellery or pair of shoes, but until you’ve visited the Night Market in Mavişehir, you don’t know what you’re missing! You’ll not be aware of how much pleasure you’ll get from the bargains you can haggle for, on quality goods and other delights that await you there. 


Not only will you feel more relaxed as you browse, but you’ll also notice the stall holders are much more friendly, helpful and welcoming without the pressure you often feel at some other markets. They too want you to enjoy your time at Mavişehir Night Market, so you’ll want to return again and again every time you come on your Türkiye holiday. There are a great variety of souvenirs, clothes, footwear, jewellery, watches, clocks, art, handmade wooden crafts, plus a few other types of stalls. You will also find fresh grown local fruit and veg, many types of olives, honeycomb, cheeses, herbs and spices, sweets and deserts, cafés and a few restaurants close by. 


Some people choose to shop first and then relax over a magnificent romantic sunset dinner along the seafront in one of the many fresh fish restaurants that await hungry locals and tourists alike, while others come for the sunset and dining first before they shop. 


If you are a romantic, you can also enjoy sitting or take a walk on the Love Ship (Aşk Gemisi) which you’ll notice on the right-hand side of the sea front next to the restaurants. You could even sit there with your loved ones in the evenings and watch the sunset together, take photos, videos and create some wonderful lasting memories of your time spent here on your trip to Türkiye! 


The tea shops get very busy, and it is not unusual to see young lads running from stall to stall with silver trays laden with teacups. There are also food stands serving traditional Turkish food such as kebabs, sweetcorn or Gözleme, one of the most popular traditional Turkish foods tourists love to try while on a Türkiye vacation. If you like tasting new flavours, opt for kokoreç; street food consisting of lamb intestine and spices. 


Tour Price: **Adult- £10 **Child (3-12)- £5 ** Child (0-2) Free 

Tour Day: **Every day. 

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Contact Avesta travel agency to arrange a suitable day for you and your family/group to experience this highly recommended Mavişehir Night Market (Sunset) Tour from Didim while you are on your Türkiye holiday 2024. 

While you’re here on your Türkiye vacation, we, as an established Travel Agency, want to offer you the chance to enjoy every day to the fullest. Feel free to ask us about our optional tours in/from Didim to enhance your holiday in Türkiye.  

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