Kos by Catamaran

Located very close to the coasts of Turkey, Kos island is the second most popular island of Dodecanese, after Rhodes.

Kos Island, one of the largest islands of the Dodecanese, is also known as "Astypalea". Located 11 nautical miles from Bodrum, Kos contains many historical artifacts from the Ottoman and Byzantine periods. The island, which hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world every year, has a resident population of around 50,000. 
Kos was ruled by the Ottomans until 1912, by the Italians until 1948, and under Greek sovereignty after World War II. Turks generally reside in the Platani (Germe) region of the island, which is famous for its Turkish restaurants. Many mosques, libraries, and baths from the Ottoman era can still be visited on the island. 

The Defterdar Mosque, which can be seen in the main square of Kos Island, is the largest mosque on the island and greets visitors. Kos, known as the "birthplace of modern medicine" of Hippocrates, attracts intense tourist interest with the Asklepion Health Centre and the Hippocrates Tree, located in the city centre. The KNIGHTS' CASTLE, built by the Knights of Rhodes in 1315 and a replica of Bodrum Castle, is also an important work that welcomes you in the harbour. The Archaeological Museum, where artifacts from Greek and Roman civilizations are exhibited, is located next to the Defterdar Mosque in Eleftherias Square, adjacent to the historic Agora (marketplace). 

If you want to spend a pleasant day on the beach, Tigaki, Marmari, Kardamena, Kamari, and Kefalos are areas of Kos Island that stand out for their beautiful beaches. "Paradise Beach," famous for its bright white sands and frequented by tourists, should be kept in mind as a must-see beach. Another area of the island that you must visit is ZIA. Zia Village, located at the foot of Mount Dikaios, is the best place in Kos to watch the scenery. You can enjoy the unique scenery while witnessing the fascinating colors of the Aegean Sea, overlooking the Kos shores, Bodrum coasts, Kalymnos, and Pserimos islands at the same time, while enjoying the sunset views that Zia is famous for.


To enter Kos, it is of utmost importance to use the same travel document (passport or ID card) with which you entered Türkiye. If you show a different document, the border guard will not allow you to leave Türkiye for Kos or any Greek Island you are wanting to visit. The child's age is calculated based on their year of birth documented in the passport. Passport and ticket check-in takes place at the international terminal. 

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