This is a unique private tour to Bodrum Castle and Museum (Halicarnassus), visiting Iasos and Euromos on the way.


The magnificent Bodrum Castle is the main highlight of this tour. Therefore, get ready to dive into thousands of years of history of Romans, Byzantium, Crusaders, Seljuk and finally Ottoman Empires. This enormous castle contains many rooms and halls full of relics and of course the unique UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY MUSEUM, that gives you a priceless opportunity to understand maritime history.

As the name may suggest, the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is a museum which exhibits anything which is related to underwater archaeology. With fourteen departments within the museum, it has grown in size substantially and is regarded one of the most interesting museums in the world!

Unsurprisingly, the castle itself basks in history. There were times when it was used as a prison, although up until the 1950's it wasn’t anything like the tourist attraction it’s providing to be today. It wasn’t until 1962 when the underwater archaeology as we know it came about. This was the period when Turkish Government decided to turn the castle into a museum for shipwrecks. In doing so the Turkish Government created the biggest museum in the world like this.

Overtime the museum has made some startling landmarks. For example: if you take to the gardens inside the castle, you will set eyes on almost every plant and tree that the Mediterranean has to offer. Then, if you turn to the ancient glass collection, this is the fourth biggest in the world. Another historic important note that occurred in 1995 was with the museum winning the prestigious award of European Museum of the year.


We start the tour at 9:00am and will arrive at Euromos first. The Zeus Temple is the main highlight of the site. Having been preserved perfectly, the size and the beauty of temple will overwhelm you. After spending some time for photos and to appreciate what is here, we will then drive to Iasos.

This antic site was one of the first colonised places at the Aegean coast of Türkiye. It is believed that Iasos was the second biggest city after Miletus which concretes its importance during antiquity. Having not been mentioned in the archaeological platforms as much as Miletus, it is a hidden treasure of the Aegean coast.

The ruins are well worth a visit and the view of the sea from here is something that should be captured with your photos and maybe a 'selfie' or two! Afterwards we will head to Bodrum. On arrival we will have one-hour to enjoy some free time for lunch, then we will visit the incredible Bodrum Castle Underwater Archaeology Museum. After you're done with all your photos, videos and selfies and bought a souvenir or two, we will return you to your hotel/accommodation.

After experiencing a fantastic day out with some wonderful memories captured on your cameras, we will return you to your accommodation where you can relieve your weary legs and take a well earned rest!

**Minimum 2 persons required for the tour

Contact us for the price for your group


*Meeting point for the tour is the lobby of your hotel or front gate of your accommodation

*Please wait at the lobby of the hotel or front entrance gate of your accommodation at the confirmed time 

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  • Tour Days: Every Day
  • Tour Time: 09:00 -17:00
  • Tours Available From:: may to october
  • Type of Transport: Airconditioned Vehicle
  • Pick Up Points: Hotel/Accommodation
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