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Must Do Activities

Turkey as a travel destination offers the traveler culture, art, sports and a good value for the currency. It is one of the ten top travel destinations in the world. With such a long coastline along the sea Turkey offers swimming, boating, water rafting, yachting, hiking, biking, and hot air ballooning. These are just a few of the many fun activities you will experience when visiting Turkey.


DIDIM BOAT TRIP - Oceans Of Experience In The Aegean. Join us on an unforgettable adventure sailing the clear, cool waters of the Aegean, while visiting an Island and 4 different bays

DIDIM BOAT TOUR - Oceans Of Experience In The Aegean

What Is A Didim Boat Tour?
A Didim Boat Tour is one of the most popular tours you can do here. There's nothing more relaxing than lounging on the deck of a cruising boat with a cool breeze in your hair, listening to soft music and the sun bronzing your body. You will also take breaks for swimming in the bays in the turquoise Aegean Sea and enjoy lunch on-board on the all-day tour. We believe everyone should experience a Didim Boat Tour at least once during their holiday as they run daily and cater for around 35 people on board. Join us on our adventure sailing the clear, cool waters of the Aegean, while visiting an Island and 4 different bays 

Basic Information About Didim Boat Tour
The currents aren't strong in the areas we sail to so there's no need to worry. Land is always close by and there are life jackets and buoyancy aids on board the Didim Boat Tour, so all ages and abilities are well catered for, making it a safe and enjoyable time on the Didim Boat Trip. You might like to bring your snorkelling equipment to take advantage of swimming in the clear blue waters amongst a variety of fish. The boat departs from Altinkum Harbour Didim, around 10.30am and returns to the same area by 17:00pm. If adverse weather conditions occur on the morning of the tour, it's likely to be cancelled due to safety reasons. Also, should the weather conditions change suddenly while out on the Didim Boat Trip, the tour will finish and the boat will return to the harbour in Altinkum. Drinks, ice creams and snacks are served in the café area all day which you will pay for, as only lunch is included in the price. 

What Are The Different Types Of Boat Tours In Didim?
For the Didim Daily Boat tours you can choose from: 
*1. Lazy Day Didim Boat Tour, with soft music for a peaceful, chilled out experience.
*2. Fun Party Didim Boat Tour, with loud music and dancing, for a fun day out. Some boats also include a selected time for bit of foam fun time for the kids.
*3. Pirate Theme Didim Boat Tour, with music and foam fun time for kids (and Mum's & Dad's of course!).
*4. Sunset Tour. Starts around 18:00 and ends at 21.30 or 22:00. Some boats include evening meal, otherwise just drinks and snacks from the café. 
If one of your group/family members has a birthday or a special occasion to celebrate, let us know prior to the Boat Trip Day so we can organise a cake and decorations (extra cost).

Didim Private Boat Tour - For those who want a more private day out with family and/or friends. You will enjoy a day out at sea sunbathing, swimming in the bays and if you wish you can snorkel too. Lunch is included and we can cater for all kinds of events or special occasions, so if one of your group/family members has a birthday or a special occasion to celebrate, let us know prior to the Boat Trip Day so we can organise a cake, decorations, photographer, drone filming and anything else you require, though this will be an extra cost of course.

Advantages Of Didim Boat Tours
*An enjoyable fun day out for all the family
*Full day Tour
*Lunch is included
*Make long lasting holiday memories
*Time for relaxing, sunbathing, dancing and swimming too!
*Door-to-door transfers
*English speaking staff
*Café on board for drinks, ice cream and extra snacks
*Opportunity to take a quick spin out on speed boat during the tour from the boat (extra cost).
*Take a Sunset Tour in the evening with lively music (café open).

Where To Take A Didim Boat Tour
The boat sets off from the harbour in Altinkum, in Didim, so you'll be picked up from your hotel or apartment in good time prior to the boats departure.


What should be taken into consideration during the Didim Boat Tour?
*Bring plenty of sun cream with high protection
*A towel, hat and sunglasses are advisable
*Only food and drink from the café can be consumed
*If you have an allergy towards certain foods or are vegan please let us know a few days before the day of tour so we can prepare an alternative meal for your lunch.
*Drinks are NOT included with lunch (you can buy from the café)
*Bring your own mask, snorkel and flippers if you wish to snorkel
*There's plenty of cold water on board so you can stay hydrated
*There is a shower hose for rinsing off salty water
*You can pay your bill in £, € or Lira

In Which Season Is It suitable To Go On A Didim Boat Tour?
The Didim Boat Trips start from 1st May generally if the weather is suitable, and continue right through until end of October, if the weather continues to be favourable.

What are the Required Equipment and Preparations for Didim Boat Tour?
The specially well equipped and designed boat has a toilet cubicle with a sink for hand washing on board, and a shower hose located near the steps going into the sea for rinsing off the salty water after your swim. There is a café on the lower deck where tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol and snacks (sometimes fresh fruit) can be purchased from the time of embarkment and can either be consumed in the café area or whichever deck you are spending your time on. It is also the area where lunch is prepared and served. 

Adult and child life jackets are stored on board and enough for everyone. Also some buoyancy aids might be available if you have forgotten to bring your own for swimming.

How To Make A Didim Boat Tour Reservation
Using the phone number provided below, you can send us a Whatsapp message or call us. Or, send us a message to our email address that is shown below or on our website. Alternatively, you may send us a message on our Facebook Page messenger.
Whatsapp: +90 5417611544


What is the Didim Boat Tour Duration and Schedule?
You will be collected from your hotel or place of accommodation and brought to the boat in good time before setting off at 10:30am. The tour starts at 10:30am and will arrive back at the habour by 17:00pm. You will also be returned back to your hotel or accommodation after the tour has ended if you wish. 

What are the services included in the Didim Boat Tour Fee?
*Door-to-door return transfers from Didim 
*Boat Trip with sunbed/mattress
*Lunch (drinks are extra)

Is Didim Boat Tour Suitable For Children?
Yes. The staff welcome everyone of all ages and provide drinks and snacks service from your sunbed, music and dancing, some boats provide foam fun a short time (some boats are quiet and relaxing and don't have loud music or foam fun).

Which Bays Will We Stop At For Swimming?
 The boat stops at:
* Paradise island
* Paradise Bay
* Çamlık Bay
* Aquarium Bay
* Akademi Bay

*Pick-up from hotel/accommodation (approx 09:15)
*Arrive at Boat
*Depart from Altinkum harbour at 10:30am
*Stopping at various bays for swimming throughout the day
*Lunch (approx 13:00)
*Begin return to harbour 16:15
*Arrive back at the harbour 17:00
*Return transfer to your hotel/accommodation

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