Kos İsland

Kos (Kos), one of the most popular holiday resorts of the Dodecanese Islands

Kos (Kos), one of the most popular holiday resorts of the Dodecanese Islands, is one of the most prominent destinations in the Aegean with its golden sand beaches, clear blue sea, impressive archaeological and cultural areas, colorful nightlife and affordable accommodation.
With a significant Turkish population in the Greek islands along with Rhodes, Kos has a suitable infrastructure for those who want to feel Turkish-Greek culture. Sea-sand-sun, history, archeology, gastronomy and entertainment life meet the different expectations of Kos is also very rich in terms of places to visit.
Things to Do in Kos Island
1. Visit Asklepion
Asklepion Antique City, 4 km southeast of Kos, is the most visited tourist point of the island. The ancient city, built as the world's first physician, the ancestor of modern medicine and the teacher of the art of healing, is built in honor of the Hippocrates, where the ruins of the temples of Asclepius and Apollo are present. The upper part of the temple has a magnificent view of the island. In open weather, Turgutreis is located on the opposite shore of the island. Asklepion, which is similar in Bergama, is considered to be the world's first hospital. The entrance fee to the ancient city is exactly 8, 4 €.
2. Sit in the shadow of the Tree of Hippocrates
The Hippocrates tree in the city center of Kos, known as the island of Hippocrates, is one of the must-see places. Six of the sycamore trees are described as the father of Hippocrates, where he teaches his students. Although the tree next to the Castle of the Knights is 500 years old, it is believed that this tree came from the descendants (root) of the tree which was found 2400 years ago.
3.Visit the Castle of the Knights
The Castle of the Knights at the entrance to the Port of Kos was built to protect the island from the Ottomans. Most of the building that was damaged by the earthquake in 1945 is still standing. After visiting the castle, which is located on the walking path in the city center, you can sit in a café and have a frappe to relax.
4. Stop by the Ancient Agora
The archaeological excavations in the city center, where the ancient Agora is one of the two ancient cities along with the Asklepion on the island. History of the 4th century AD Agora, dating back to the ruins of the temple of Hercules and Aphrodite can be seen.
5. Shop at Eleftheria Square
Eleftheria Square, the most central point of Kos, is the place where the island visitors are photographed. The municipality market (agora) in the square is one of the most prominent examples of Italian architecture on the island. Built between 1934 and 1935, there is a marketplace open every day of the week. You can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and snacks from the market.
6. Watch the sunset in Zia Village
Zia Village, 16 km away from the island center, is one of the most popular places to visit in Kos. Located on a hill overlooking the village, the village is preferred by those who want to watch the sunset, especially in the evening. There are plenty of souvenirs for restaurants and cafes offering traditional food in Ziaanda.
7. Taste wine in the vineyard of Triantafyllopoulos
The Triantafyllopoulos vineyards, 10 km from the center of Kos, are the right choice for wine tasting and to observe the island's wine production. The facilities on the road from Zia to the center are open from 07.30 to 15.30 Monday to Saturday. The free guided wine tour offers a nice experience of not having the smallest pressure to buy wine at this place.
8. Get involved in moving nightlife
Contrary to the Greek island of Kos nightlife close to Turkey quite colorful. This street is located in the city center, just opposite the port, in Kos, which has a street like bars street similar to Marmaris, Kuşadası or Bodrum. On the island, which is mostly visited by northern European tourists, the understanding of entertainment and service is shaped according to this point of view. Envai beer is served in the bars at a reasonable price.
9. Taste local delicacies
Kos, with its traces of Turkish and Greek cuisine, is a destination where you can easily find world flavors with the effect of tourism. There are a few must-have flavors for those who want to taste something local while going to Kos. Don't miss the ice cream made with spicy cheese krasotyri, tomato jam and goat milk made from the island.
10. Enjoy the sea on Kos beaches
Most of the beaches of Kos, one of Greece's best beaches, have a sandy beach. There are more than 20 pleasant beach alternatives on the island. Mastichari Beach, the most famous beach on the island. 20 km southwest of the island is famous for the beach sand. There are also water sports facilities such as umbrellas, sun loungers, wind and kite surfing. Lambi Beach is ideal for families. Located 3 km from the center of the island, this beach is preferred by its proximity to the center. Water sports such as water skiing and surfing are also done.
The blue flag Tigaki Beach is 11 km away from the island center. Located on a line of 10 km in total, the beach is a pleasant place for families and sports lovers. I spent a lot of time on this beach during my last trip to Kos. Psalidi Beach is 4.5 km from the island center. There is also a restaurant on the beach with umbrellas, sun loungers and beach facilities. The beach consists of two separate sections: sandy beach and gravel.
Located 12 km from the island center, Thermes is a place where the hot water spring meets the sea on the beach. Just like Çeşme Ilıca Yıldızburnu, Thermes, where there is a hot water source in the sea, is adorned with black pebbles. Families can be a little hard to find because there is only one café next to the beach and difficult access. I would definitely like to experience hot and cold water at the same time.

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