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Kos Island, one of the largest of the 12 Islands, is also known for its magnificent historical monuments from the Ottoman, Byzantine and Venetian periods, waiting for its guests in all its glory.

Kos Island, one of the largest of the 12 Islands, also known as Kos, is only 8 nautical miles away from the Bodrum Peninsula. The magnificent historical monuments of the Ottoman, Byzantine and Venetian periods await their guests in all their glory. Kos is a modern tourist center with historical artifacts as well as extremely flashy hotels, restaurants, beaches and nightlife.

The world famous Hippocrates Tree, located in the center of Kos Island, is one of the most important symbols of the island. Hippocrates, the ancestor of doctors in mythological times, showed that human treatment can be provided by education and established a medical center named Asklepion. Today, doctors come to Kos Island to swear on the Oath of Hippocrates.

Places to Visit in Kos;
Old Town and Hippocrates Tree
Castle of the Knights (Neratzia Castle)
Casa Romana (Roman House)
Archeology Museum
Defterdar Mosque
Hacı Hasan Mosque
Ottoman Bath
Monastery of Agia Ionnasis
Village of Zia

Kos Island requires a visa. For more information and help, you can contact us.
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