Cabin Charter

Every day the number of people that recognize the tags “Cabin Charter” and “Traditional Wooden Gulets” is growing. These tags used to be a dream for some in the past and Avesta Travel made it reality for many. Be one of our “Blue Cruise” guests and join us, so that you too can live this experience with Avesta Travel who made it well-known in all over the world.

Type of Boat: Traditional Wooden Gulet (M/S) - Standard Yachts -

  • Tur Günleri: Pazar Pazartesi Cuma Cumartesi
  • Tur Süresi : 7 Gece -8 Gün
  • İniş Limanı: Kemer Limanı
  • Tekne Tipi: Traditional Wooden Gulet (M/S) - Standard Yachts -
  • Biniş Limanı: Kemer Limanı
  • Biniş Zamanı: 15.30
  • İniş Saati: kahvaltıdan sonra 10:30
  • Opsiyonel Kara Turları: Saklikent, Olympos, Phaselis


Boarding will start at 15:30p.m from Kemer Turkiz Marina. Service starts with dinner and overnight stay on the boat and will be in one of these marinas. Antalya has been a residential area since the Palaeolithic times. The city was under the reign of Lidia in the 7th century B.C., of Persians in 456 B.C., and of Alexander the Great in 333 B.C. After the death of Alexander, during the reign of Bergama king Attalos, a new city called Attaleia was founded and was conquered by the Selcuks in 1207. The most important historical buildings to see in the city are; 'Hadrian's Gate', 'Castle Gate', 'Clock Tower', 'City-walls', 'Inner Castle', 'Broken Minaret', Antalya Archaeology Museum and 'Yivli Minaret Mosque' which is the landmark of the city.


Whilst you have breakfast, you will be informed about the cruise itinerary and the boat. We will set sail to the ancient city of Olympus. Olympus, one of the most important port cities of Lycia, has been an element of mythological stories all throughout history. Olympus was a home for pirates because of its location in the past and today it is now known all over the world because of its historical values, 3.200 meter long beautiful coast, endemic plantation, and its wooden houses used as pensions today. After lunch and a swimming break we will be heading to Adrasan Çavus Bay for dinner and overnight stay.


Early in the morning we will set sail to Demre. After a nice breakfast in Demre you can join the tour to the ruins of Myra, a Lycia city which was also the city of the bishop St. Nicholas who was known as 'the protector' of the children, the poor, and the sailors in Byzantines' time. Following this optional land tour, our yacht sails to Gökkaya Bay where we will anchor for dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast we will cruise over the sunken city. We will be docking at Tersane Bay for lunch and swimming break. For dinner and overnight stay we will anchor at Üçağız Bay. If you wish, you can join the optional Kaş - Saklıkent excursion.


After having breakfast in Üçağız, you can take the chance to visit Simena which is located on the mountain edge right behind Kaleköy and opposite Kekova Island. There you can find the Genoese Castle and the ruins of a theatre with a 300 capacity. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Kekova.


We will start early in the morning and arrive at Ceneviz (Genoese) Harbour or Sazak Bay. After lunch we will anchor at Phaselis Bay. Phaselis was founded as a colony of the Rhodesians in 7th century B.C. Phaselis has three different bays and its people used to earn their living from the sea. The city was also famous for perfume trade in ancient times. If you wish, you can walk around the antique town full of antique ruins which are located on the seashore. Dinner and overnight stay will be in this beautiful bay.


After breakfast, we will cruise to Ayışığı Bay. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Kemer Turkiz Marina.


Hope to see you next time !

KEMER – KEKOVA – KEMER turu yapmak istiyor musunuz? Aşağıdaki formu doldurarak KEMER – KEKOVA – KEMER turu için bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.