If you would like to explore the enticing underworld of the sea, then why not come diving with us.

  • Tur Günleri: Her Gün
  • Tur Süresi : 10:30 til 17:00 pm
  • Tur Süresi : £30
  • Hareket Noktaları: Hotels Or Accomaditions
  • Ulaşım Şekli: boat
The Aegean Sea is calm and an ideal temparature for diving, there are no tides or currents. The water is crystal clear with average visibility of 25 to 30m. Off the coast of the Didim Altinkum, there are many interesting spots for experienced divers to enjoy as well as beginners. There is a wide 
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went on the diving trip very very good trip well worth the money .... diving for at least 45 minutes each dive avesta travel tells the truth out of all the agents i advise you to book all your trips trough this nice guy
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