The Temple of Apollo at Didyma was preeminently famous as an oracle site, Miletus has a very good theatre, is quite large but complicated to understand, Priene sits on the flank of a hill overlooking the Menderes Plain

  • Tur Günleri: Her Gün
  • Tur Süresi : 3 hours private
  • Hareket Noktaları: Hotels Or Accomaditions
  • Kişi başı : £25
  • Ulaşım Şekli: Full Air Condition Minibus
Our daily Apollo-Miletos-Priene tour invites you to experience the antique beauties of these cities. Priene, a harbour city on the hills of Mykale Mountain, in order to visit the examples of Hellenic art and architecture.  Miletos which once was one of the biggest cities in Anatolia, to the land of genius philsopher and architects such as Thales, Anaksimandros, Hippodamos, Isidoros etc. Apollo  temple dedicated to Apollon which was once one of the biggest temples in the Hellenic world. 
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